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Show Report: Oregon Silverado & Emerald Shows, July 27-29, 2019

The Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, OR, stepped up their game and invited WE United members to come “play in the big house”, as they moved our shows from their usual location at the facility’s Prairie Arena complex to the OHC Main Facility. Oregon’s largest horse show facility, the Main boasts three huge arenas, a comfortable lounge and cafe with closed-circuit TV displays showcasing the action in all three arenas, comfortable stadium seating, an expansive clean cement concourse, and nearly 300 show stalls all under one sun-defying roof.

To say that our members appreciated the features this top-of-the-line facility offered would be a definite understatement.

As the Oregon group has been doing all summer long, the weekend included two uniquely-licensed WE United competitions, each with their own two judges assigned, enabling some competitors to compete twice in the weekend, under different judges, and therefore have additional opportunities to earn qualifying scores for the North American Championships, Rider Medals, and points toward year-end awards.

The competition in the Silverado Arena was judged by Nicole Chastain, R, California (Children, Novice A, Intermediate A) and Kim Peterson, R, Australia (Introductory, Novice B, Intermediate B, and Masters), while the competition in the Emerald Arena was judged by Rebecca Algar, R, California (Children, Introductory, Intermediate A) and Cari Schwartz, r, Oregon (Novice A).

In the Silverado, 51 horse/rider pairs made the rounds (47 competing, and 4 schooling), while 44 horse/rider pairs competed in the Emerald.

The weekend began with a Friday Cattle Handling Clinic co-taught by member Kenton Wright, of Washington, and Kim Peterson, of Australia. In all, 22 people received instruction during the clinic section of the day, which lasted from 8 in the morning until about 2:30 in the afternoon. The actual Cow Trial, with 23 competitors, began promptly at 4 pm.

When the dust settled, the results were cows: 21 / riders: 2 (victory went to the bovines for sure!).

Please join us in congratulating Sheila Mefferd on Treazure Chex. This dynamic duo were teamed with Nicole Coon on Norman, Kent Wright on Kid, and Emily Elias on Java, and penned their cow in 1:15.79.

In 2nd place, we celebrate Ashley Smith on Delirio DC, teamed with Reagan Riggs on MCR Ain’t Afraid to be Lazy, Kent Wright, on Curly Willow Jackson, and Heather Humelbaugh on Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro. Ashley penned her cow in 1:39.82.

For complete results of the rest of the trials (Dressage Saturday, and Ease of Handling and Speed on Sunday), please go to the website:, and follow the instructions provided here:


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