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Show Report: Oregon Spooktacular!

In all, 42 horse-rider pairs representing four states (Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho) participated in the 2018 Halloween Spooktacular show, hosted by Working Equitation Oregon at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene.

Judges Barbara Price, CA, and Cari Schwartz, OR, shared the officiating load, with Barbara judging the Introductory and Novice B classes while Cari judged Novice A, Intermediate A, and Intermediate B.  Both judges scored all rides in the just-for-fun Costume Musical Freestyle Dressage sections, added to the event at the request of competitors.

Introductory Results
California member Jessica Mosbaugh and her Friesian Heritage Horse Legendary S placed 1st in Dressage (68.28%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (65.63%) to win 1st place overall in the 11-entry Introductory Level class. Oregonian Cheryl Martinez on her Paint horse Jokar’s Crown Royal placed 3rd in Dressage (64.80%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (65.93%) to take home the 2nd place overall honors. Another Californian, Andrea Sullivan, on her Iberian horse Ce’u do Fino placed 2nd in Dressage (66.80%) and 4th in Ease of Handling (65%) to win 3rd place overall.  Julie Sweeten, from Oregon, and her 17-hand mule LVF’s Solar Eclipse earned 4th place overall with a 5th place finish in Dressage (63.60%) and a 3rd place in Ease of Handling (65.63%). Heather Humelbaugh rode her young Half-Andalusian mare CDC Besita to a 5th place finish, winning 4th in Dressage (64.60%) and 6th in Ease of Handling (60%). Washington resident Erin O’Shaughnessy and her Quarter Horse Shining Spartan finished 6th overall, with their 8th place finish in Dressage (61%) and 5th place finish in Ease of Handling (64.69%). Amie Brewer and King of Cahill finished 6th overall (6th place, 62.60% in Dressage; 9th place, 55.31% in EOH). Darlyne Wells rode HH Ascot to a 7th place finish (7th place, 62.40% in Dressage; 10th place, 54.06% in EOH). Dawn Rhoads piloted Cheval Canadien stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro to an 8th place finish (11th place, 56.60% in Dressage; 7th place, 57.19% in EOH). Meagan Hansen and her Andalusian mare CDC Sonrisa brought home the 10th place overall ribbon (10th place, 57.20% in Dressage; 8th place, 56.88% in EOH).

To provide encouragement for horse/rider teams just getting started in the sport, the event also offered an Introductory class for horse/rider pairs who had not yet earned any advancement points in Working Equitation. Jessica Mosbaugh and her horse SS Burney swept the four-entry class with a Dressage score of 62.60% and an Ease of Handling score of 61.56%. Jamie Peterson came in 2nd place overall with her Quarter Horse Chex N Busy. The two scored 56.80% in Dressage and 55.04% in Ease of Handling. Idaho member Kristine Strasburger and her Percheron/Quarter Horse gelding Kodi made their show-ring debut, earning 2nd in Dressage (57.60%) and 3rd in Ease of Handling (44.06%) to finish third place overall.

Novice A Results
Kristina Eckert and her Cheval Canadien stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro placed 5th in Dressage (65%) and 1st in both Ease of Handling (70.88%) and Speed (2:06.50 — the fastest time of the day) to win 1st place overall in the 11 entry Novice A class. She also rode Friesian mare Hope, owned by Elizabeth Hassman to a 2nd place overall win. The two placed 2nd in Dressage (66.96%), Ease of Handling (68.24%), and Speed (2:32.27). Denise Lukins and her Haflinger gelding Mahon II FLH placed 6th in Dressage (64.35%), 5th in Ease of Handling (64.41%), and 3rd in Speed (2:42.07) to place 3rd overall. Heather Humelbaugh and Billy Forever Shines came in 4th in Dressage (65.43%), 3rd in Ease of Handling (66.18%), and 5th in Speed (2:57.90) to place 4th overall. Kathy Orr and her grade mare Mouse placed 8th in Dressage (62.39%), 4th in Ease of Handling (65.29%), and 4th in Speed (2:45.04) to win 5th overall. Terry Crawford rode her Quarter Horse gelding KRK Stylish Tommy to a 7th place finish in Dressage (62.39%), 6th place in Ease of Handling (64.12%), and 6th in Speed (2:59.74) to finish 6th overall. Karin Hansen and her Andalusian gelding Padre placed 10th in Dressage (50.87%), 8th in Ease of Handling (60%), and 7th in Speed (3:42.02) to finish 7th overall. Diana Inch and her Appaloosa mare Indignant Hy Faline came in 11th in Dressage (50.87%), 9th in Ease of Handling (58.24%), and 9th in Speed (8:05.58) to take home the 8th place honors. Erin Mathews and Cheyenne Quest won the Dressage trial (68.69%) and came in 8th in Speed (4:50.26) to win 9th place overall. Megan Miller rode her Half-Andalusian RBR Tony Montana to a 9th place finish in Dressage (60.21%) and a 7th place in Ease of Handling (64.12%) to win 10th place overall. 

Novice B Placings
Australian rider Nadine O’Sullivan rode Snowy O’Moment, an Irish Sporthorse mare owned by Adrienne Raymond, to a 1st place finish in Dressage (72.06%) and Ease of Handling (62.94%), and a 3rd place in Speed (3:22.64) to win the 4-entry Novice B class. Lizann Dunegan rode her Andalusian gelding Miguel BTSF to 2nd place finishes in Dressage (65.69%) and Ease of Handling (61.47%) and a 1st place finish in Speed (2:55.98) to win 2nd place overall. Nadine O’Sullivan and Andalusian mare CDC Memoria came in 3rd in all three trials (64.48%, 60.59%, 3:02.60) to finish 3rd overall in the class. Kristina Eckert rode Indignant Hy Faline, an Appaloosa mare owned by Diana Inch, earning 4th place overall (57.20%, 56.76%, 3:59.99).

Intermediate A Placings
Julie Alonzo rode her Andalusian mare CDC Memoria to 1st place finishes in Dressage (65.69%) and Ease of Handling (64.44%) and 2nd in Speed (2:34.33) to win 1st place overall in the 3-entry Intermediate A class. Washington rider Kyra Gauteson rode Cheval Canadien mare Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon, owned by Karen Bentley. The two placed 2nd in Dressage (64.17%) 3rd in Ease of Handling (57.78%) and 1st in Speed (2:30.33) to place 2nd overall. Ashley Smith and her Lusitano gelding Delirio DC made their debut at this level, placing 3rd in Dressage (60%), 2nd in Ease of Handling (60.83%) and 3rd in Speed (2:45.29) to come in 3rd overall.

Intermediate B Placing
Washington member Cheryl Rife rode her Azteca mare Nova to a 1st-place finish in Intermediate B (66.17%, 57.22%, 2;33.97).

An addition to the regular licensed working equitation classes, the show featured a just-for-fun costume musical freestyle, in honor of the show being held on Halloween weekend.

Entries dressed in costumes and had three minutes to wow the judges with their choreographed routines to music. We had some incredible costumes!

At the Introductory level, Captain Jack Sparrow (four-year-old Teigan Bilyeu) rode his three-year-old Canadian Cheval gelding Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack, led by his mom Kristina Eckert on her five-year-old Canadian Cheval stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro, also in pirate costume, to a 1st place finish. The Introductory-level class also featured a 17-hand giraffe (LVF’s Solar Eclipse) with safari guide Julie Sweeten, a cheerleader (Laine Berkeley and Shelby), and Little Red Riding Hood (Amie Brewer) with the Big Bad Wolf (King of Cahill).


Outlanders Lizann Dunegan and Miguel BTSF captured the win in the Novice level class, with Genie (as in “I Dream of Genie”) Kathy Orr and Mouse right behind. The class also featured a clown (Diana Inch/Indignant Hy Faline), a beautiful princess (Kristina Eckert/Hope), and Batman Erin Mathews on Cheyenne Quest.


Cruela DeVille and her spotted horse (Jen Lenz & Plaudit’s Nightshade) captured the first-place ribbon in the Intermediate level class, while Cheryl Rife and Nova dazzled with their Spanish beauty.


The costume musical freestyle was such a hit, that event organizers are definitely planning to offer the class again at their 2019 Halloween show.


Final Results from the WE Oregon 2019 Spooktacular

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results.


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