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Show Report: Pepperglen Farm, Feb. 2, 2019

Fifteen hearty horse/rider pairs, along with Judge Polly Limond and a brave crew of show staff and volunteers shivered their way through torrential downpour and “the water obstacle that simply knew no end” at the February 2, 2019 Pepperglen Farm WE show in Norco, California.

Kaylie Cox and Sille van de Veenhoeve swept the two-entry Introductory Youth class, with a 1st place finish in both Dressage (62.08%) and Ease of Handling (65.31%).

Darlene Sanchez and Starlight Wardancer tied with Jennifer Olds and One Smart Dual (each earned 58.33% in Dressage) to tie for 1st place overall in the Introductory Amateur class. Bob Torrez and Diva placed 3rd in Dressage (57.08%) and overall, and Victoria Sanchez and Scarlet came in 4th overall and in Dressage (46.25%).

Perhaps due to the severity of the weather challenges, Kayle and Sille were the only Introductory Level competitors to successfully complete Ease of Handling. (Let’s hear it for our youth!)

Gina LaRock and Mingo placed 2nd in Dressage (62.5%), 1st in Ease of Handling (64.72%), and 3rd in Speed (4:19.95) to finish 1st overall in the five-entry Novice A Amateur class. Amanda Latta-Portillo and Prince Charming came in 3rd in Dressage (62.5%) and EOH (62.78%) and 2nd in Speed (3:51.17) to finish 2nd overall. Andrea Lora and Zarah placed 4th in Dressage 61.59% and EOH (60%) and 1st in Speed (3:24.30) to finish 3rd overall. Darlene Arledge and Stylin Twist placed 1st in Dressage (62.95%), 2nd in Ease of Handling (63.33%), but disqualified in Speed to finish 4th place overall. Amanda Latta-Portillo and Maximus came in 5th in Dressage (57.50%) and 4th in Speed (4:30.37), but were disqualified in Ease of Handling to finish 5th place overall.

Jesseca Hutchings and Peptolenas Bob swept the two-entry Novice A Open class, winning all three trials (64.54%, 65.56%, 3:29.89), while Lisa Scebbi and Zillertal Atom earned 2nd place in the trials as well as overall (55.91%, 58.89%, 4:47.14).

Bryan Ludens and Lark of Honor Bright handily won their one-entry Novice B Open class (61.79%, 59.72%, 5:02.74), while Susan Watkins and Kiger Dios Estoy Aqui KCA did the same in their one-entry Intermediate A Open class (63.43%, 66.11%, 3:22.41). Similarly, Rebecca Algar and Sharp Drezzed Man won their one-entry Advanced level class (54.42%, 63.89%, 4:07.54).

Gina LaRock, Darlene Arledge, and Jesseca Hutchings each earned two scores toward their Bronze Lifetime Rider Medals, while Rebecca Algar earned a score toward her Gold Lifetime Rider Medal.

Click HERE to download a PD of the results.


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