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Show Report: River Run Aspen Premier Working Equitation II

Twenty-two competitors sweated it out as they battled (gently) for awards at the beautiful Aspen Farms facility in Yelm, Washington, August 6, 2017 in the second of two consecutive one-day WE United licensed competitions hosted by River Run / Becky Mathews and judged by Wayne Hipsley, S, Kentucky.

Youth rider Dylan Park rode Chesna Klimek’s Haflinger gelding Pippen to a first place finish in Dressage (66.90%) and third in Ease of Handling (65.00%) to take home the overall win in the five-entry Introductory class. First-time WE competitor, Patsy Bingham and her grade (mustang) mare Dakota came in second with a 63.33% in Dressage and an 85% in Ease of Handling.

Kent Wright rode Denise Bright’s grade gelding El Bonito to capture the overall win in the 11-entry Novice A class. The two placed seventh in Dressage (55.45%), and first in both Ease of Handling (82.11%) and Speed (226.83 seconds). Jennifer Lenz and her American Curly Horse gelding Poplar’s Samoa Star had a very successful show, finishing second overall, with a second place (68.86%) in Dressage, a fourth place in Ease of Handling (71.205%), and a third place in Speed (312.05 seconds).

Deirdra Dong and her Haflinger gelding Indy swept the four-entry Novice B class, finishing first in Dressage (70.58%) and Ease of Handling (76.05%) and Speed (336.41 seconds). Lizann Dunegan and her Andalusian gelding Miguel BTSF came in second in all three trials, and overall, with a 61.73% in Dressage, a 69.74% in Ease of Handling, and a time of 344.08 seconds in Speed.

Nicole Grous and her Lusitano gelding Zar Ris swept the two-entry Intermediate B class with a 75.42% in Dressage, a 77.63% in Ease of Handling, and a time of 333.13 seconds in Speed. Morgan Wagner and her Appaloosa gelding Endo the Blind, finished second overall.

Lizann’s scores at this competition made her the fourth person in the United States to earn her Bronze Medal in Working Equitation. Congratulations, Lizann! Other competitors who earned qualifying scores toward their Lifetime Rider Medals at the weekend’s events include: Deirdra Dong, Jennifer Lenz, Kent Wright, Anne Lobeck, Denise Lukins, Kimberly Roe, Ashley Smith, Morgan Wagner, Cheryl Rife, and Nicole Grous.

A number of horse/rider pairs qualified for the WE United National Championships at the show. At the Introductory Level: Dylan Park and Pippen, Patsy Bingham and Lakota, and Chesna Klimek and Sewickley. At Novice A: Carrie Gregory and Hummer Thyme and Denise Lukins and Mahon II FLH. At Novice B: Deirdra Dong and Indy and Lizann Dunegan and Miguel BTSF.

Click HERE for a PDF of the results.


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