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Show Report: Southeast Baroque #4

Fifteen horse/rider pairs enjoyed the beautiful show grounds at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala as they participated in the March 10, 2019 WE show judged by Rebecca Algar, R, California, and organized by Donna and Heather Walters.

Kathryn Waters rode her Morgan SC Island Navy to 1st place overall in the 8-entry Introductory Open class, coming in 2nd in Dressage (62.71%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (75%). Leslie Davis and Gypsy Vanner WR Esmeralda’s Will by Caymus placed 2nd overall, having come in 5th in Dressage (56.88%) and 3rd in Ease of Handling (61.25%). David Palacio competed on three horses in the Introductory class. He and Sopresa finished 3rd overall (55.21% in Dressage, 61.56% in EOH), he and grade horse Cochise came in 4th (57.92%, 53.75%), and he and Sultan, a Trote y Galope horse, came in 8th (53.96% in Dressage). Anna Bright and Gypsy Vanner GB Kapriel placed 6th overall (53.75%, 57.50%). Leesa Nero and Half-Andalusian Senona RyN came in 6th (placing 1st in Dressage with 63.13% but disqualifying in EOH), while Kadi Kaercher and Paint horse Creek’s Playboy placed 3rd in Dressage (59.79%) and disqualified in EOH, to finish 7th overall.

Liana Bloodworth and PRE Andalusian Faraon Mon placed 1st in Dressage (71.36%) and Ease of Handling (65.83%) and 2nd in Speed (266.80) to win 1st place overall in the four-entry Novice A class. Ty McClung and his grade horse Ms P came in 2nd overall (59.32%, 57.92%, and 22o.40). Heather Walters and the Paint Creek’s Playboy came in 3rd, while Kathryn Walters and the Morgan LBF Montana Gold came in 4th.

Nia Morales and Half-Arabian Mooie Zwaan earned 56.43% in Dressage and 43.61% in Ease of Handling to win the one-entry Novice B class.

Heather Walters and Half-Andalusian Sombra de Luna earned 56.59% in Dressage, 69.17% in Ease of Handling, and finished the Speed round in 220.84 seconds to take home top honors in the two-entry Intermediate B class, while Paulette Stoudt and Gypsy Vanner GG Oz the Wizard earned 57.76% in Dressage and 194.16 in Speed, but was disqualified in Ease of Handling, to finish 2nd overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results.

Featured photo: Kathryn Waters and SC Island Navy, photo by Victoria DeMore. 


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