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Show Report: Southwest Baroque Horse Show

Fifteen horse/rider pairs joined “S” judge Doreen Atkinson, TX, at the Florida Horse Park for the Southwest Baroque Horse Shows’ January 2019 Working Equitation Competition.

Introductory Level

Paulette Stoudt and Gypsy Vanner WR Esmeralda’s Will by Caymus swept the six-entry Introductory class, earning 66.46% in Dressage and 66.88% in Ease of Handling to take home the Overall Champion title for the day. Karen Giroux and Travelin Black Mack came in 2nd place overall, having placed 3rd in both Dressage (61.67%) and Ease of Handling (60.03%). Kadi Kaercher and Creek’s Playboy came in 3rd overall, having placed 5th in Dressage (51.25%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (61.88%). David Palacio rode two horses: He placed 4th with Sopresa (Dressage = 62.71%, EOH = 41.19%) and 5th with Cochise (Dressage = 61.15%, EOH = 49.38%). Leesa Nero and Senona RyN finished 6th place overall (Dressage = 51.04%, EOH = 55%)

Novice A Level
Ty McClung and Ms. P placed 4th in Dressage (58.41%), 1st in Ease of Handling (57.78%), and 2nd in Speed (270.876) to win 1st place Overall in the five-entry Novice A class. Karen Chadwick and GB Bocelli placed 3rd in Dressage (61.14%), 2nd in EOH (54.44%), and 3td in Speed (318.704) to finish 2nd overall. Heather Walters and Creek’s Playboy placed 2nd in Dressage(68.62%) and 1st in Speed (221.843) to win 3rd overall. Liana Bloodworth and Faraon Mon placed 1st in Dressage (71.59%) but did not finish the other two trials, while Maryann Babett and Elegancia placed 5th in Dressage (54.32%) to finish 5th overall.

Novice B Level
Nia Morales and Mooie Zwaan placed 1st in Dressage (59.82%), 2nd in Ease of Handling (45.83%), and 1st in Speed (305.483) to win 1st place Overall in the two-entry Novice B class. Pam Cohen and Quinones placed 2nd in Dressage (55.18%) and 1st in EOH (55.28%), but was disqualified in Speed to finish 2nd overall.

Intermediate A Level
Heather Walters and Sombra de Luna swept the two-entry Intermediate A class, placing 1st in Dressage (60.79%), Ease of Handling (67.11%), and Speed (210.891) to win 1st place Overall in the two-entry Intermediate A class. Paulette Stoudt and GG Oz the Wizard placed 2nd in Dressage (57.63%), EOH (58.16%), and Speed (244.94) to place 2nd overall.

Heather Walters earned a qualifying score toward her Silver Lifetime Rider Medal, with her 67.11% in Intermediate A Ease of Handling.

Congratulations are in order!

Click HERE to download a PDF of the results.


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