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Show Report, WE in the Wild I & II

By Becky Mathews

Twenty-five horse and rider pairs entered the River Run “WE in the Wild” shows at Pat and Lynn Mahoney’s Lincoln Creek near Centralia, WA the weekend of August 18-19. These were the first Working Equitation shows to be held entirely on grass in the Pacific Northwest, and horses and riders enjoyed the spacious and beautiful courses offered.

We were fortunate that the weather produced a break in the wildfire smoke and beautiful, comfortable sunny days for riding.
Our biggest hardship of the weekend came in the presence of a swarm of angry yellowjackets, agitated by the smoke and dry weather— many of us got stung, but fortunately for all, they mostly ignored the horses and instead focused on the delightful potluck that riders had brought. Our littlest volunteer, Jolene, bore the brunt of the hornets’ anger, poor kiddo, and our Sunday Show Manager, Jessica had an impressive reaction to being stung on the lip. Kudos to both of you (and to the rest of the riders!) for sticking it out!
But aside from the hostile native insects, most of us thoroughly enjoyed our weekend— with a relaxed but efficient schedule, fun and flowing courses, happy horses and volunteers.
We were honored to be judged by and learn from our wonderful judge Sue Watkins from California. Sue’s kind feedback and deep knowledge of this sport helped every rider to improve their rides over the weekend. No one managed to fall in the river on the way to EOH, and most riders made it out to an enjoyable Saturday evening dinner at the historic downtown Olympic Club.
Of particular note to this show organizer, EVERYONE pitched in to help out, which made for a far easier and enjoyable weekend! All in all, it was a fabulous show weekend and the perfect capstone to the River Run show season!
Thank you to every one who helped make it such a success— volunteers, crew, riders and horses!
On Saturday, we had 14 riders, with 1 in the Intermediate B, 5 in Novice A, 6 in Introductory and 2 Opportunity riders. We were particularly excited to welcome a number of new faces to WE competitions: Tanya Robacker (2nd) and Marjie Hicks (1st) showed in the Opportunity class, Lauren Morris (2nd) and Jessie May (4th) in the Intro division, and Jessica Bradley in the Novice A (3rd). It was also fun to see new horses joining us for their first WE competition: Tanya’s Echo Valley Nash and Marjie’s Indy; Lauren’s Zarah, Jessie’s Tiny Knight Hawk, and Becky Mathews’ Incendiary; Jessica Bradley’s Caruso.
On Sunday, we had 11 riders, with 1 in the Intermediate B, 1 in Novice B, 4 in Novice A, and 5 in Introductory. We were particularly excited to welcome two new horse and rider pairs to their first WE competitions: Emily Horton & Little Legend (Intro winners!), Denise Jensen & Chez (2nd place Intro). Fun fact, all the Sunday classes were won by ponies— Pony Power!
Special thanks to our Show Managers, Emily Horton and Jessica Bradley, and Office Manager, Tammy DePriest. Thanks to our key sponsor: UVEX helmets & Thanks to our set up crew: Denise, Bill, Tammy, Ryann, Lauren and Ella. Thanks to our helpers: Kyle, Ryann, Jolene, Ella, Kodey, and Cheryl. Thanks to our scribes: Marjie, Alison, Sukie, Chesna and Cheryl, and to our timers: Ryann, Rick and Jessie. Finally, thank you to my awesome River Run Crew: Emily, Jessica, Tammy, Andy, Deirdra, Anne, Cassie, Kyra, Lauren, and Jessie. None of this would have been possible without your help!
Saturday winners:
Intermediate B: Becky Mathews & Pippin
Novice A: Deirdra Dong & Nth Degree Hallmark
Introductory: Erin O’Shaugnessy & Shining Spartan
Opportunity EOH: Marjie Hicks & Indy
Best Dressage: Erin (70.60%)
Best EOH: Deirdra (78.82%)
Best Speed: Becky (161.74 seconds)
Best Opportunity: Marjie (62.81%)
UVEX Helmet winner (best overall score): Deirdra Dong (74.09% ave)
Sunday winners:
Intermediate B: Becky Mathews & Pippin.
Novice B: Deirdra Dong & Nth Degree Hallmark
Novice A: Denise Lukins & Mahon II FLH
Introductory: Emily Horton & Little Legend
Best Dressage: Deirdra (72.24%)
Best EOH: Becky (72.78%)
Best Speed: Deirdra (175.43 seconds)
Best 1st timer: Emily (66.27% ave)

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