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Show Report: WE Oregon January Show

Thirty-three horse/rider pairs came to the Oregon Horse Center to compete in Working Equitation Oregon’s B-Rated Show January 19-20, 2019.

Competition was fierce but friendly. Because there were so many entries at the Introductory level, the competition organizers split the Intro class into an Open division and a Maiden division — maiden entries were those who had not earned any advancement points prior to the show.

There was a three-way tie in total points earned in the 11-entry Introductory Open class. In the end, Heather Humelbaugh and her Half-Andalusian mare CDC Besita won the 11-entry Introductory Open class, placing 1st in Dressage and 7th in Ease of Handling (average score of 63.65%), Michelle Fox and her Grade gelding Jack came in 2nd, having placed 7th in Dressage and 1st in Ease of Handling (average score of 62.87%), and youth rider Josephine Hunter and her Appaloosa gelding River Ripple came in 3rd, having placed 4th in Dressage and 3rd in Ease of Handling (average score of 62.66%).

In addition, there was a two-way tie for 4th, with Kristina Eckert and her Canadian gelding Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack finishing 5th in Dressage and 4th in EOH (average score of 62.24%) and Darlyne Wells and her Arabian gelding HH Ascot finishing 3rd in Dressage and 6th in EOH (average score of 62.14%). Kristina’s 0.10% higher average brought her the 4th place award.

Dan Dahlke and his grade mare Sugar came in 6th overall, while youth rider Ashley Lanning and her Friesian Sporthorse Quinn’s Star came in 7th. Tracey Erway rode her BLM Mustang NoNa’Me to an 8th place finish overall, while Danielle Dishinger and her Thoroughbred Drive Like Mike finished the weekend in 9th place and Melanie Hall and her Grade horse Sonador came in 10th.

In the 8-entry Introductory Maiden class, two first-time WE competitors–Peter Halay and his Appaloosa mare Harlequin Daisy and Jodi Klier-Butler and her PRE mare Nydia H–ended the competition tied not only for points but also with the same average Dressage/EOH scores. Ultimately, Peter’s higher EOH score broke the tie, earning him the overall champion, while Jodi finished as Reserve Champion.  New-comer Pam Moore and her grade horse Jubilee came in 3rd overall, Sonya Margerum rode BLM Mustang The Frenchman to a 4th place finish. Denise Lukins and her Friesian Rainmaker made their WE debut, finishing 5th overall. Carol Higgs and her Grade horse Rags earned 6th overall. Graham Hansen rode his Quarter Horse Red to a 7th place finish, while Amy Smith and her grade pinto mare Cally came in 8th.

Rochelle O’Connor rode Andalusian gelding CDC Va Por Ti to the Overall Champion title in the 11-entry Novice A class, narrowly beating out youth rider Tristan Cruden and his Quarter Horse mare SR Lady of Chance for the win. Julie Sweeten and her huge mule LVF’s Solar Eclipse came in 3rd, while Erin Mathews and her Paint Cheyenne Quest finished the show in 4th place overall. Rachel Kahane and her Andalusian gelding LeoCadio DiCaprio came in 5th, while Ellen Oare and her grade Rocky Mountain gelding Henry came in 6th. Diana Inch rode Canadian stallion Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro to a 7th place win in the class. Debbie Parshall rode her Warlander gelding Listo’s Constatine (Sully) to an 8th place finish, while Denise Lukins and Haflinger Mahon II FLH came in 9th. Diana Inch and her Appaloosa mare Indignant Hy Faline came in 10th overall.

Kristina Eckert won the two-entry Novice B class with her Canadian stallion Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro and took Reserve Champion overall with the Friesian mare Hope.

Ashley Smith and her Lusitano Delirio DC turned in very solid performances throughout the weekend to win the Intermediate A class.

The judge for the event was Erica Peet, r, Illinois; Technical Delegate duties were split between Rebecca Cruden and Julie Alonzo to ensure proper coverage throughout the weekend and avoid potential conflicts of interest with relatives competing at the show. Samuel Cruden worked as Paddock/Gate Steward, Morgan Wagner and Kimberly Barker served as scribes, and numerous volunteers helped the event run smoothly, jumping in to assist with running score sheets, course set up and tear down, and arena crew throughout the EOH and Speed trials. Food was provided pot-luck style, with a variety of snacks and meal options to keep the crowd satisfied despite the cold weather.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Results.


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