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Show Report: WE Oregon, November 25, 2018

Twenty-four horse/rider pairs came to the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, OR to compete at the WE Oregon Thanksgiving Weekend Show II on November 25, 2018.

Judge Nicole Chastain, r, California, officiated, with Tracey Erway volunteering her time as scribe the full weekend. Rebecca Cruden served as on-site Show Manager, announcer, and point tabulator while Samuel Cruden was the Gate/Paddock Steward and Tristan Cruden assisted throughout the day. Several youth and their parents volunteered as well, re-setting obstacles and running score sheets, earning credit toward future entry fees.

Jill Standish Barker and her Paint/Palomino A Mighty Awesome Mr. came in 4th in Dressage (64%) and 1st in Ease of Handling (66.25%) to win 1st place overall. Donna Luoma rode her Half-Andalusian Three Days Late to a 3rd place in Dressage (66%) and 2nd in Ease of Handling (65.94%) to win 2nd place overall. Heather Humelbaugh and her Half-Andalusian CDC Besita came in 1st in Dressage (69.60%) and 8th in Ease of Handling (56.88%) to win 3rd place overall. Dana Seekins and her grade horse Purple Reign took 6th in Dressage (62.40%) and 3rd in Ease of Handling (65.63%) to win 4th place overall. Rebecca Writt rode her Quarter Horse gelding Hey Bartender (aka Hudson) to a 2nd place finish in Dressage (66.60%) and a 7th place finish in Ease of Handling 58.75%) to win 5th place overall. Julie Sweeten and her mule LVF’s Solar Eclipse took 7th in Dressage (62.2%) and 4th in Ease of Handling (62.50%) to place 6th overall. Sandra Faulhaber and her Appaloosa gelding PDS Mighty Fine Lad earned 5th in Dressage (64.20%) and 9th in Ease of Handling (56.88%) to finish 7th overall. Meagan Hansen and her Andalusian mare CDC Sonrisa came in 9th in Dressage (59.20%) and 6th in Ease of Handling (59.06%) to finish 8th overall. Cari Schwartz and her Andalusian gelding Alcazar placed 10th in Dressage (57%) and 5th in Ease of Handling 59.06%) to finish 9th overall. Dan Dahlke and his grade horse Sugar came in 8th in Dressage (61.80%) and 11th in Ease of Handling (51.25%) to place 10th overall.

In the 7-entry Novice A class, Kristina Eckert come in 1st on the Friesian mare Hope (Dressage: 68.48%, 1st; EOH: 64.17%, 2nd; Speed: 3:13.70, 2nd) and 2nd on her Cheval Canadien Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro (Dressage: 59.57%, 4th; EOH: 64.44%, 1st; Speed: 2:59.7, 2nd). Emily Elias and the Hanoverian Fresno came in 3rd overall (Dressage: 68.26%, 2nd; EOH: 61.94%, 4th; Speed: 4:17.30, 4th). Heather Humelbaugh and her Paint gelding Billy Forever Shines came in 4th place overall  (Dressage: 63.70%, 3rd; EOH: 63.89%, 3rd; Speed: 4:03.40, 4th). Erin Mathews and her Paint Cheyenne Quest finished 5th place overall (Dressage: 55.87%, 5th; EOH: 58.33%, 5th).  Diana Inch and Indignant Hy Faline earned a 6th-place ribbon for their overall placing.

Lizann Dunegan and her Andalusian gelding Miguel BTSF, sole entries in the Novice B class, earned a 62.24% in Dressage, 58.33% in Ease of Handling, and completed the Speed course in 3:30.5.

Jill Lovelace and her Quarter Horse gelding Driftin Juniper finished 1st in Dressage (64.44%) and Ease of Handling (64.44%) and came in 2nd in Speed (3:06.6) to win 1st place overall in the 3-entry Intermediate A class. Julie Alonzo and her Andalusian mare CDC Memoria placed 2nd in Dressage (63.33%) and Ease of Handling (63.89%) and had the fastest speed time of the day (2:52.7) to win 1st place overall. Ashley Smith and her Lusitano gelding Delirio DC earned 59.58% in Dressage, 52.22% in Ease of Handling, and finished the Speed course in 5:03.34 to win 3rd place overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Intro Results

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Novice & Intermediate Results




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