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Show Report: WEKS Saddle and Sirloin Show July 13th and 14th

The weekend of July 13th and 14th Working Equitation of Kansas hosted a B-rated show at the Saddle and Sirloin club in Kansas City, MO. Tarrin Warren was chosen as the judge. Mark Beeler of the Saddle and Sirloin club was the show manager, with Sara Wasson acting as secretary.  Emily Kemp worked as the Technical Delegate. The Saddle and Sirloin club in Kansas City is a 300 acre ranch that has a beautiful equestrian center complete with trails and a cross country course.

A total of 16 horse and rider combinations competed in 5 different divisions. In the Introductory division, Marty Stewart who was competing on the Grade Lusitano Gunner took 1st place overall. She received a score of 61.88% in Dressage, placing 3rd, and a score of 65.88% in Ease of Handling, placing 1st.  Kelly Motley on Royal Azure’s Chance placed 4th in Dressage with a score of 60.21%. She was 3rd in the Ease of Handling with a 60.88%, taking 2nd place overall. Rachel Zenger on the quarter horse A Secret Code came in 3rd place overall.  She scored 58.13% in Dressage getting 6th place, and 61.18% in Ease of Handling, placing 2nd. Pat Peterson competed on the Grade Lusitano Isabella IV. She scored a 68.54% in the Dressage, placing second. Unfortunately, she was disqualified from Ease of Handling but placed 4th overall. Cynthia Fox, competing on the Quarter Horse Wild Haired Mate, placed 5th in Dressage with a score of 58.54%. She was also disqualified from the Ease of Handling. She placed 5th overall.

In the Novice A division there were 5 horse and rider combinations. The 1st place overall was awarded to Ellen Breeding, riding the Quarter Horse Cisco.  She came in 1st place in the Dressage portion with a score of 69.32%.  In the Ease of Handling she was in 3rd place with a 64.74%.  In 2nd place was another Quarter Horse, Peptos San Vanna shown by Kim McBroom.  She received a 64. 32% in the Dressage, putting her in 3rd place.  In the Ease of Handling she earned a spectacular score of 70%, earning 1st place.  Linda Frazier, on another Quarter Horse, Starlight’s Red Cat came in 3rd place overall.  She scored a 65.68% in Dressage, which earned her a 2nd place.  In Ease of Handling she received a 65.53%, also earning her a second place.  Rachel Zenger competed again, this time on a paint horse named Fancy Lopin Jose.  They placed 5th in Dressage with a 55.45%, and 4th in Ease of Handling with a 61.32%.  They earned 4th place overall.  In 5th place was Marie Gifford on the Arabian Nu Jazz.  She earned a score of 59.32% in the Dressage trial, putting her in 4th place, and an Ease of Handling score of 59.47%

The Novice B division saw 2 horse and rider combinations.  Jane O’Boyle riding a Quarter Horse named Docs Buz N Leo was in 1st place overall.  She placed 2nd in Dressage with a 59.29%.  In the Ease of Handling she received 1st place with a score of 67.73%.  Dan Keil rode a Half-Arabian named RCC Nottingham. Dan came 1st in Dressage with a 66.07%, and second in Ease of Handling with a 65.26%.

In the Intermediate A division there were 3 riders competing.  Jane O’Boyle returned this time on Son Risa, a Quarab. She placed 1st again overall.  In Dressage she earned 3rd place with a 59%. In Ease of Handling a 66.32% earned her 1st place.  The 2nd place overall was awarded to Cyndi Harris on Cowboy Cooter a Quarter Horse.  They received 2nd place in Dressage and Ease of Handling with a 62% and 65.26%, respectively.  In 3rd place was return rider Linda Frazier, this time on Starlight’s Express.  She received 63.29% in Dressage, giving her a 1st place, and a 62.11% in Ease of Handling, putting her into 3rd place.

In Intermediate B, Bill Walton competed on his horse Peptos San Vanna.  He earned 1st place overall by getting a 61.71% in Dressage and a 67.63% in Ease of Handling.

Congratulations to all the competitors!

Photo Credit: TNT Quarter Horses LLC


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