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Show Report: Winter in the Vineyards, CA

Twenty-one California WE competitors ushered in the 2018 Working Equitation Season with a fantastic show in a beautiful location: Winter in the Vineyards, hosted by Nicole Chastain Price in Santa Ynez, California, and judged by Polly Limond, r, California.

Wendy Baxter and Way Bob Dude took top honors in the five-entry Introductory Amateur class with a 59.80% in Dressage and 60.63% in Ease of Handling. Sydney Croasmun on Fabulous AF came in second overall with a 53.60% in Dressage and 60.63% in Ease of Handling. Marnie Barrett and Heliodoro GFB earned the highest Dressage score in the Introductory Amateur class, with a 62.80%, and M. Wilkerson and Tiara were very close behind with a 62% in Dressage.

Nicole Chastain Price and Heroe Romano won the three-entry Introductory Open class, with a 59% in Dressage and 62.19% in Ease of Handling. Tracy Ward rode two horses (Where’s My Cow and Kisby) to a second and third-place finish in that class.

Darren Hawks and Ida-Ho Pazazz took won the one-entry Novice A Amateur class, while Bryan Ludens and Lark of Honor Bright won the five-entry Novice A Open class with a 65.87% in Dressage 61.67 in Ease of Handling, and 2nd-place finish in Speed. Nicole Chastain Price and Catattack came in 2nd in that class, with a 63.91% in Dressage, 57.50% in Ease of Handling, and third-place finish in Speed. Abigail Followwill and El Campeon’s Cochise came in 2nd in Dressage (65.43%) and 1st in Speed, but disqualified in Ease of Handling, to finish third overall in their class.

Nicole Chastain Price rode the two horses entered in Novice B Open, finishing first with the Lusitano Esbelto CL and 2nd with the Arabian Sausalito Jullyen V.

Nicole Chastain Price also won the three-entry Intermediate A Open class, riding Dunit Extra Dry to the overall victory, with Katrina Sanders and Pirate on Deck coming in 2nd.

Toni Hubenette rode Sarafina to a 1st-place win as the sole entry in Intermediate B Amateur, while Ellen Corob rode Deynika to a 1st place finish in the Intermediate B Open class, with Jim Groesbeck and Shesaluckyleo coming in 2nd.

Click HERE for a PDF of the results.

Three riders earned qualifying scores toward their Lifetime Rider Medals, including Bryan Ludens, Nicole Chastain Price, and Ellen Corob.

The National and Regional Leaderboards have been updated to reflect points earned at this competition.

Here are a few highlights:

National Intermediate B – Horse/Rider Pair

1. Deynika and Ellen Corob, Points = 7
2 (Tie). Dylan Casimoro and Andrea Galbraith, Points = 6
2 (Tie). Endo the Blind and Morgan Wagner, Points = 6
4. Shesaluckyleo and Jim Groesbeck, Points = 5

National Novice B – American Rider

1. Nicole Chastain Price, California, Points = 13
2. Kate Spell, Texas, Points = 6

National Novice A – Horse/Rider Pair

1. Delirio DC and Ashley Smith, Points = 39
2. Nakita Ljeb and Emily Elias, Points = 31
3. Mahon II FLH and Denise Lukins, Points = 30
4. Nice N Sonny and Debbie Hogevoll, Points = 25
5. LDR Poncho Wow Factor and Kristina Eckert, Points = 19
6 (Tie). SR Lady of Chance and Tristan Cruden, Points = 18
6 (Tie). Lark of Honor Bright and Bryan Ludens, Points = 18

National Introductory – American Rider

1. Tracy Ward, California, Points = 24
2. (Tie). Lisa Harding, Texas, Points = 22
2 (Tie). Julie Sweeten, Oregon, Points = 22
4. Heather Humelbaugh, Oregon, Points = 18
5. Riley Pirkle, Texas, Points = 17
6. Sarah Kress, Oregon, Points = 16
7. Susan Dossett, Texas, Points = 15
8. Ida VanWormer, Oregon, Points = 13
9 (Tie). Meagan Hansen, Oregon, Points = 12
9 (Tie). Nicole Chastain Price, California, Points = 12

Region 2 Intermediate B – Horse/Rider Pair
1. Deynika, Dutch Warmblood/Russian Budyonny owned by Ellen Corob, Points = 7
2. Shesaluckyleo, Quarter Horse owned by Jim Groesbeck, Points = 5

Region 2 Intermediate A – Horse/Rider Pair
1. Dunit Extra Dry and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 7
2. Pirate on Deck and Katrina Sanders, Points = 5
3. Sarafina and Toni Hubenette, Points = 3

Region 2 Novice B – Horse/Rider Pair
1. Esbelto CL and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 7
2. Sausalito Jullyen V and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 6

Region 2 Novice A – Horse/Rider Pair
1. Lark of Honor Bright and Bryan Ludens, Points = 18
2. Catattack and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 10
3 (Tie). Ida-Ho Pazazz and Darren Hawks, Points = 9
3 (Tie). Paso Doble WAE and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 9
5. Topper and Cheryl Croasmun, Points = 3

Region 2 Introductory – Horse/Rider Pair
1. Kisby and Tracy Ward, Points = 13
2. Heroe Romano and Nicole Chastain Price, Points = 12
3. Where’s My Cow and Tracy Ward, Points = 11
4 (Tie). Way Bob Dude and Wendy Baxter, Points = 9
4 (Tie). Heliodoro GFB and Marnie Barrett, Points = 9
6. Fabuloso AF and Sydney Croasmun, Points = 7
7. Tiara Nicolette and M. Wilkerson, Points = 5
8. Sugarland and Christie Landing, Points = 2



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