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Show Results: WE Oregon Indoor Show, June 2019

Judges Nicole Chastain, R, California, and Erica Peet, r, Illinois displayed incredible stamina as they took turns officiating over 56 competing horse/rider pairs and 1 additional schooling rider for a total of 57 dressage rides evaluated on Saturday and 57 EOH and 29 Speed rounds on Sunday at the Indoor WE Competition organized by Working Equitation Oregon at the Oregon Horse Center’s Prairie Arena complex. Incredible!

This competition also featured Oregon’s first Working Equitation Cow Trial: 16 horse/rider pairs competed in the WE Cow Trial on Friday (we had a cattle working clinic earlier in the day), with four competitors successfully penning their designated cow within the three minutes allotted.

Cow Trial Results

1st place: Youth rider Reagan Riggs on Rescue Horse gelding MCR Ain’t Afraid to be Lazy
2nd place: Kenton Wright on Lusitano gelding Hamlet JC
3rd place: Kenton Wright on Arabian stallion Kalaloch
4th place: Kristina Eckert on Canadian gelding Luckylou Nadja Captain Jack

Huge thank you to Nicole Chastain and Kenton Wright for providing first-rate instruction in the clinic earlier today. All horses and riders made substantial improvements.

WE Oregon’s first Cow trial was a definite success, and we’re looking forward to expanding the event to include additional competitors at our July competition!

Children’s Level

Ariana Flood and Olena’s Smart Bar tied with Annika Davis and Lonestar Milly for the overall points earned, but Ariana’s average Dressage and EOH edged her into the lead, to capture the overall Champion title in the five-entry Children’s class. Ellie Bloom and her pony Kharmen Ghia came in 3rd, while two newcomers Megan Spring on Mo Make Haste and Katie Butler on CR Golden Honeycomb came in 4th and 5th, respectively.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Children’s Level results.

Introductory Level

Junior Division
Bailey Yee and her Fell Pony Felllegend Flower demonstrated the prowess that has enabled them to maintain their standing as #1 Introductory-level horse/rider pair in the Nation by sweeping the Junior Division in the Introductory level, while Ashley Lanning and Quinn’s Star finished 2nd place overall, and Brennan Adams and Nakita Ljeb earned 3rd place overall honors.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Introductory Junior results.

Maiden Division
Newcomer Deb Snodgrass and her Appaloosa Chinook swept the five-entry Introductory Level Maiden Division to take home the Overall Champion title, while Laura Clarry and HPB Cool River Funtime came in 2nd overall. Carl Smith and Hawk finished 3rd place overall. Bridgett Klingler introduced Sky to the sport, bringing home a 4th place award, while Anne Storm and Querida SG came in 5th overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Introductory Maiden results.

Open Division
Shannon Yee once again demonstrated the power of ponies to perform in Working Equitation, winning the 15-entry Introductory Open class with Braeberry Evening Dove. Pam Moore rode Jubilee to a 2nd place finish overall. Peter Halay and Harlequin Daisy came in 3rd overall, while Jill Barker and A Mighty Awesome Mr. earned 4th-place honors and Dan Dahlke and Sugar came in 5th place overall. Maartje Kasdorp and Frankie came in 6th, Darlyne Wells and HH Ascot 7th, Denise Lukins and Rainmaker 8th, Michelle Fox and Jack 9th, and Lisa Flood and Jedi finished 10th place overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Introductory Open results.

Novice A Level

Junior Division
Rachel Kahane and her Andalusian LeoCadio DiCaprio won the Overall Champion title in the three-entry Novice A junior class, while Reagan Riggs and her rescue horse MCR Ain’t Afraid to be Lazy came in 2nd overall, and Tristan Cruden on Quarter Horse Shannon’s Gold Remedy cane in 3rd.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Novice A Junior results.

Amateur Division
Vera Jagendorf and her Andalusian Amaro and Erin O’Shaughnessy and her Quarter Horse Shining Spartan ended the competition tied for points in the seven-entry Novice A Amateur division, but Vera’s average Dressage and EOH scores edged her into the lead for Overall Champion honors, with Erin coming in 2nd overall. Kathy Orr and Mouse came in 3rd place overall, Terry Crawford and KRK Stylish Tommy placed 4th, Tracy Erway and NoNa’Me came in 5th, Brenda Smith and Della D Salute (Jules) finished 6th and Emily Kenyon and CS Houdini placed 7th.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Novice A Amateur results.

Open Division
Kenton Wright and the Lusitano Hamlet JC took home Overall Champion honors in the eleven-entry Novice A Open class. He also rode Hemene to a 2nd place finish overall and Kalaloch to 3rd place overall. Stacey Riggs and General George came in 4th place overall, while 5th place was Kenton Wright on Damona Hill. Jill Hamann-Bannister and Ferox placed 6th, while Debbie Parshall and Sully came in 7th, Kristina Eckert and Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack 8th, Kenton Wright and Butterscotch 9th, Kristina Eckert and LA Promise’s Golden Prince came in 10th place overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Novice A Open results.

Novice B Level

Tristan Cruden and his Quarter Horse mare SR Lady of Chance won Overall Champion in the three-entry Novice B class, while Adrienne Raymond and Snowy O’Moment came in 2nd, and Denise Lukins and Mahon II FLH came in 3rd.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Novice B results.

Intermediate A Level

Alison Burnett and her Lusitano Lourinho AFA won Overall Champion honors in the three-entry Intermediate A class, while Kristina Eckert and Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro came in 2nd, and Lizann Dunegan and Miguel BTSF placed 3rd overall.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Intermediate A results.

Masters Level

Morgan Wagner and her Appaloosa gelding Endo the Blind returned to the competition arena, capturing the Overall Champion title for the weekend at the Masters level.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Masters results.


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