WE United licenses B-Rated, A-Rated, Regional, and National Championship competitions throughout the United States.  All WE United licensed-competitions must use a judge licensed by WE United.  At A-Rated and Championship competitions, use of a licensed Technical Delegate is mandatory. Licensed TDs are encouraged at B-Rated competitions as well.

Beginning with the 2018 competition year, all competitors at WE United licensed competitions must be current members of WE United or pay a $15 non-member fee.  Annual membership costs just $25 / individual or $50 for a family (up to 2 adults and up to 6 children). Those participating entirely as schooling or exhibition rides (hors concours) are exempt from this requirement.

Membership in WE United can be applied for directly online or through the mail, by sending in a completed membership application with payment.

Click here for a PDF of our membership application. 

All horses must be registered with WE United.  Horse registration is free of charge and can be done completely online (via cell phone or computer).

Click HERE to Register Your Horse

WE United competitions are overseen by the Show Licensing and Oversight Committee (SLOC).  The SLOC is appointed by the Board of Directors and both reviews applications for licensure and handles official appeals, following published protocols. The SLOC can be reached at

All competitors at WE United licensed competitions have the right to file official protests and appeals, should they believe that a situation at a competition should be reviewed.  Please use the official protest or appeal form when requesting a protest / appeal.

Protests are filed at a competition and are filed with the Competition Technical Delegate, Judge, or Protest Committee, as is required in the United States Rules for Working Equitation.  

22-WE United Protest Form-171101

Appeals are filed directly with the WE United SLOC.

23-WE United Appeal Form-171101


Click on the button, below, to submit an online application to host a WE United licensed competition.





Click HERE to go to the Show Management Page. The Show Management page includes all the forms Show Managers need in order to organize a WE United licensed competition. These include forms for Show Licensing, a Competition Management Checklist, the WE United Liability Release, Scoring Forms (for Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed, as well as for placing the overall results), and evaluations for both Judges and Technical Delegates. A separate Technical Delegate page includes forms TDs might need to document injury, blood evidence, lameness, or abuse, as well as a the Technical Delegate Report itself.


WE United publishes the results of all licensed WE Competitions with a WE United Licensed Judge officiating, regardless of the organization licensing the competition.  This policy serves several purposes:

    1. Points earned at all licensed competitions judged by people who have met our rigorous licensing requirements count toward our year-end awards (all WE United members are automatically enrolled in our Awards programs at no additional cost for membership or horse recording).
    2. Making show results public helps ensure that competitors have the opportunity to review them and correct any errors that show organizers might not have caught in the midst of an event.
    3. Having a comprehensive database of competition results provides a way for people to validate performance records. This can assist those buying or selling horses, for example, by providing a mechanism for verification of achievement.



If you prefer going directly to the database on Google, CLICK HERE.

In addition, we post the results we receive from specific competitions that send us a written up show report as show reports on our NEWS page.  The News page is easily searchable by using the words “Show Report” in the search window.

Please note that cells that are highlighted in yellow indicate information missing from the results provided by the show organizers.