Show Management Forms

This page includes a variety of forms developed by the WE United SLOC to assist show organizers in planning successful events. Please direct any questions to the SLOC through email at 

Online Show Licensing Application

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Pre-Show Forms & Information

1-WE United SLOC Procedures-171101
2-WE United Show Licensing Application-171101
3-WE United Show Licensing Guide-v171101
4-Competition Officials description v171101
5-WE United Competition Management Checklist v171101
6-WE United Show Types at a Glance v171101
7-WE United Liability Release v171101

Scoring Forms

Dressage Scoring
Please use the dressage tests published in the Rules.
Introductory Dressage Test
Novice A Dressage Test
Novice B Dressage Test
Intermediate A Dressage Test
Intermediate B Dressage Test
Advanced Dressage Test
Masters Dressage Test

Ease of Handling Scoring
9 – EOH Score Sheet

Speed Scoring
10a-WE United Speed Scoring Form-171101-Instructions

10b-Speed Trial Score Card-171101

Overall Placings Worksheets
11c-Placings-Worksheet- Novice A and Up-1-Judge-180611.xlsx

Post-Show Evaluation Forms

14-Judge Evaluation Form-v171101
15-Technical Delegate Evaluation Form-171101

Technical Delegate Forms

17-WE United TD Report-171101
18-WE United Injury Report-171101
19-WE United Blood Evidence Report-171101
20-WE United Lameness Report-171101
21-WE United Abuse Report-171101 

All competitors at WE United licensed competitions have the right to file official protests and appeals, should they believe that a situation at a competition should be reviewed.  Please use the official protest or appeal form when requesting a protest / appeal.

Protests are filed at a competition and are filed with the Competition Technical Delegate, Judge, or Protest Committee, as is required in theUnited States Rules for Working Equitation.  

22-WE United Protest Form-171101

Appeals are filed directly with the WE United Show Licensing and Oversight Committee.

23-WE United Appeal Form-171101