Show Management Forms

This page includes a variety of forms developed by the WE United SLOC to assist show organizers in planning successful events. Please direct any questions to the SLOC through email at 


Pre-Show Forms & Information

1-WE United SLOC Procedures-171101
2-WE United Show Licensing Application-171101
3-WE United Show Licensing Guide-v171101
4-Competition Officials description v171101
5-WE United Competition Management Checklist v171101
6-WE United Show Types at a Glance v171101
7-WE United Liability Release v171101

Scoring Forms

Dressage Scoring
8a-WE United Dressage Scoring Forms-171101
8b-Dressage Test – Children-171101
8c-Dressage Test – Introductory-171101
8d-Dressage Test – Novice A-171101
8e-Dressage Test – Novice B-171101
8f-Dressage Test – Intermediate A-171101
8g-Dressage Test – Intermediate B-171101
8g-Dressage Test – Advanced-171101
8i-Dressage Test – Masters-171101 

Ease of Handling Scoring
9a-WE United EOH Scoring Form-171101
9b-EOH tabulation-171101

Speed Scoring
10a-WE United Speed Scoring Form-171101
10b-Speed Trial Score Card-171101

Overall Placings Worksheets
11a-WE United Placings Worksheet – 1 judge-171101
11b-Placings Worksheets-Children-Introductory-1 judge – 171101
11c-Placings Worksheets-Novice up-1 judge – 171101

Post-Show Evaluation Forms

14-Judge Evaluation Form-v171101
15-Technical Delegate Evaluation Form-171101

Technical Delegate Forms

17-WE United TD Report-171101
18-WE United Injury Report-171101
19-WE United Blood Evidence Report-171101
20-WE United Lameness Report-171101
21-WE United Abuse Report-171101