Sponsors, 2019 North American Championships!

As a 501(c)(3) federally-recognized public benefit charity, WE United depends entirely on our membership fees ($25/year for individuals; $50 for families), show licensing fees (just $2 per competitor at licensed competitions), and the generous donations of people and companies to operate.

We’re grateful to those who have already pledged their support of the 2019 North American Championship Competition and are asking all our members to consider a small contribution as well. 

Please consider helping us reach our goal of $10,000 in sponsorship monies in support of the first North American Championship for the sport!



We offer a variety of sponsorship levels, to meet every budget!

Sponsors of the 2019 North American WE Championship!











$10,000 Family Foundation, to support youth!

J-S Ranch$1000 Sponsor!
Nadine Tilley – Tilley Andalusians – $1000 Sponsor!
Moon Valley Nursery – Major Course Sponsor!

El Campeón Farms – $500 Sponsor!
Polly Limond – $500 Dressage Sponsor!
Sue Grant
 – $500 Ease of Handling Sponsor!
Christopher Motley & Trudy Baltz– $500 Sponsor!
Sarah Motley – $500 Sponsor!
Sarah Fischer – $500 Sponsor!
Barbara Price, Torre Piñon Farms – $500 Speed Sponsor!
Nicole Chastain Training $500 Sponsor!
Grand Meadows$500 Sponsor!
Rockin US Australian Stock Horses & Steele Halters – $500 Sponsor!
Caldwell Banker, Dee Dee English, Realtor– $500 Sponsor!
A to Z Horse Cookies – $500 Sponsor!
Run-A-Muck Ranch – Partial Sponsor of the Live Video Streaming!
Rancho El Camino – $300 Sponsor!

Gillian Valentine – $250 Sponsor!
Christy Reich –
$250 Sponsor!
Ray & Elena Juarez – $250 Sponsor!
Linda S. Gabriel, TTEE – $200 Sponsor!
Jane Silk –$150 Sponsor!

Kerry Marit – $100 Sponsor!
Linda King – 
$100 Sponsor!
Sarah Pinney – $100 Sponsor!
Alethia Saladino – $100 Sponsor!
Aimee Ziller – $100 Sponsor!
Rancho de Felicidad– $100 Sponsor
Reindance Riding, Kristina Eckert – $100 Sponsor!
The Howard Family Trust– June Dorthy Howard – $100 Sponsor!
The Baldwin 2003 Trust$100 Sponsor!
Cari Schwartz – $50 Sponsor!
Trish Hyatt, Working Equitation Simplified Online Courses – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!
Mary’s Botanicals – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!
Mary’s Tack and Feed – $360 in gift cards
Animal Health Sciences / Equerry’s – 6 bags of Equerry’s Choice vitamins $38 each plus big box of exhibitor perks
A to Z Horse Cookies $500 sponsor PLUS $365 worth of horse cookies for prizes, (4 buckets)
Virtue Soap Company – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!
Mushroom Matrix  –  $300 worth of product for prizes
Platinum Performance – two 10 lb buckets of Platinum Performance $63 each, 1 bucket of Platinum Bars Equine $68, plus lots of exhibitor perks!
Equine Massage by Sue – Exhibitor Perks Sponsor!