Take a Bow, 2017 WE United High Point Grade Horse: El Bonito!

El Bonito, a seven-year-old bay gelding skyrocketed to the top of the Novice A level with his trainer Kent Wright in his first season competing in Working Equitation. He finished the year as the #1 horse of all breeds competing at Novice A as well as earning the honor of being WE United’s 2017 High Point Grade horse, out of 38 competing across all levels!

Owner Dorine Bright, of Camas, Washington, was nearly overcome with emotion when she watched El Bonito at his first Working Equitation competition. She explained that she had purchased the horse on somewhat of a whim, when he showed up at the barn in a horse dealer’s trailer, clearly in need of good care, and that under Kent’s gentle guidance, the gelding has really flourished.

At the 2017 WE United Nationals, El Bonito and Kent were part of the team of four riders who earned the team from the United States the Gold Medal in the team event (the team from Australia earned Silver, the team from Canada brought home the Bronze, and numerous other teams from the United States also competed).

This gentle athlete also showed his good disposition, as Kent Wright’s young son successfully navigated through the exhibition Ease of Handling class for Leadline-age children. 

El Bonito’s example clearly shows that one does not need to have a fancy pedigree to excel at this sport!


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