Reinback “L”

Reinback ‘L’ is one of the Working Equitation obstacles that may be included on the Ease of Handling (EOH) or Speed trial courses. This obstacle is not used at the Children or Introductory levels.

Competitors may enter the obstacle at the following gaits:

  • Novice: Walk or trot
  • Intermediate and Advanced: Walk or canter
  • Masters level: Canter

If entrance and exit flags are used with this obstacle, the horse and rider must pass between the flags with the red flag on their right and the white flag on their left. When exiting the obstacle, the horse and rider must back between the flags in order to complete the obstacle.

Execution – The horse and rider enter the corridor at the prescribed gait for the level and halt at the end of the corridor. Depending on the configuration, the rider either:

(1) Rings the bell and backs down the “L” corridor to exit the obstacle, or (2) Removes the cup and backs down the “L” corridor. Upon exiting, the rider halts and places the cup on the pole at the entrance corresponding with the side from which the cup was removed.

If the cup is dropped, the rider must dismount, retrieve, remount, and place the cup. If the pole that the cup is to be placed on is knocked down, riders must dismount, reset the pole, remount, and place the cup on the pole. Failure to replace the cup on the designated pole will result in disqualification.

Working Equitation Backing an 'L' EOH obstacle
Dori Johnson and Sandhaven Promise. Photo by Kellee Cambell.

For complete details about this obstacle and its requirements, reference the U.S. Working Equitation Rules, here.

Last update 12/31/2018