Working Equitation Bank

Working Equitation Ease of Handling or Speed courses may include a bank. Horses and riders may be required to jump up the bank or down the bank.


The obstacle consists of an embankment of natural substance positioned not more than 30-60 cm (1-2 feet) above ground level. A level plateau is at the top and bottom of the embankment; the plateau must be at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) long in the direction of travel. There may be ramps leading to and away from the level plateaus.

Execution -The horse should approach and maintain the chosen gait through the obstacle naturally and without any hesitation. The obstacle can be executed as either an up-bank or a down-bank. Both an up-bank and a down-bank may be incorporated and scored as one obstacle.

At the Novice level horses and riders may walk, trot, or canter the bank. At the Intermediate level or above, horses and riders must canter over the bank. The bank obstacle is not included at the Childrens or Introductory levels.

During Ease of Handling, the judge considers the manner in which the horse ascends or descends the bank to award a score. The judge will award a lower score if the horse and rider hesitate before navigating the bank and will award a negative score if the horse refuses the bank.

Last update 12/31/2018