Drag Item

Drag Item is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be used during the Ease of Handling trial. This obstacle is included in the current United States Working Equitation Rules adopted by WE United in December 2016. This obstacle is not recognized by the World Association of Working Equitation (WAWE) and therefore is not included in international competitions.

As described in the United States Working Equitation Rules on page B-16, “The obstacle consists of: (1) An item to drag, which should resemble objects found in the field such as a log, a weighted skid, or a weighted sack. (2) One or two tables, drums, or upright structures approximately 1m (3 to 4 ft.) high. (3) A standard lariat (lasso, reata, rope), a minimum of 6-7m (20-ft.) long. The coiled free end is positioned on the first table. The loop end is securely attached to the drag item. The drag may be in a straight line from table 1 to table 2, a “U” from table 1 around a specified object and back to table 1, a circle around table 1, a serpentine through cones, or other pattern as designated.”

This obstacle may not be included at the Children or Introductory levels. This obstacle is performed in the walk.

Last updated January 26, 2016