Herding Animals from Pen to Pen

Herding animals from pen to pen may be included on course during the Working Equitation Ease of Handling trial. This obstacle is not used at the Childrens, Introductory or Novice level and it is never included during the Speed trial.

To complete this obstacle, the horse and rider open the gate to enter the first pen and close this gate while carrying the pole. They then open the gate between the two pens, herd the animals from the second pen into the first, and exit the obstacle (still carrying the pole). As needed, the rider may lean the pole against the fence in order to open and close the gates.

Two pens, one containing animals such as sheep or calves, separated by adjacent and connected fenced enclosures. The fence panels must be between 1.5 – 2.1 meters (5-7 feet) tall with an exterior entrance gate and one gate connecting the two enclosures.  All should be able to be operated by horseback and secure enough to safely hold the animals. If this obstacle is not used in conjunction with the retrieve a pole / replace a pole obstacles, then a drum should be placed near the pen for the pole.

Execution – The rider will open the exterior gate to the empty pen, enter, and then close the gate. The rider will then open the gate between the two pens and herd the animals from one pen to another, and close the gate between the two pens. The rider will then exit through the exterior gate of the now empty pen, closing the gate behind him/her. Riders must open/close the gates by themselves.

This obstacle should be performed at the walk, with momentary short bursts of speed as needed to properly execute the elements required.

For complete details about this obstacle and its requirements, reference the U.S. Working Equitation Rules, here.

Last update 12/31/2018