Jumping Over Bales of Straw

OdaliscaGF_2012Nationals WE Ease of Handling JumpJumping Over Bales of Straw is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be included during the Ease of Handling and/or Speed trials at WE competitions.

This obstacle is not performed at the Introductory level. At the Novice level, the jump may be executed at the trot or canter. At the Intermediate level or above, the jump must be performed from the canter.

This obstacle may be used up to twice on each course (once each direction). If a horse dislodges the pole during a competition, a ground person should place the pole back on the hay bales.

This obstacle consists of three or four two-strand, rectangular bales of straw or hay laid end to end, so they form a jump at least 3 meters (10 feet) across, lengthwise. A wooden pole should be placed on top of the bales, and two standards or uprights should be placed at either end of the line of bales. The obstacle number should be placed on the righthand side of the jump, facing the approach to the jump.

In WE United licensed competitions, the jump must include hay or some other natural substance that does not exceed the height of a hay bale. It is not sufficient to use a jump pole and standards alone.


Complete details about the construction and judging considerations for this obstacle can be found in the WE United Working Equitation Rules.

Last updated September 14, 2017