Move Sack

Move Sack is a Working Equitation obstacle that is included in the United States Working Equitation Rules published in December 2016. This obstacle may be used in the Ease of Handling or Speed trials at any competition level. Please note: This obstacle is not used in international World Association of Working Equitation (WAWE) competitions.

One or two tables at least 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall. The sack, set on top of the table, should be made out of a natural material like burlap, canvas or cotton (not plastic).

Execution – The rider picks up the sack from table A, continues forward at the prescribed gait and sets the sack down on table B. Children, Introductory (L1), and Novice A (L2) riders may halt to pick up/set down the sack. If only one table is used, the rider follows a track prescribed on the course map.

If the sack is dropped, it will be handed back to Children and Introductory (L1) riders. Novice (L2/L3) riders must dismount, retrieve the sack, remount with the sack in hand, and place it on table B or receive a 0 for the obstacle. Intermediate (L4) through Masters (L7) riders must dismount, retrieve the sack, remount, and replace it on table B. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

For complete details about this obstacle and its requirements, reference the U.S. Working Equitation Rules, here.

Last update 12/31/2018