Remove Pole from a Drum

Jill Hamman-Bannister and Omni's Easy Jet
Jill Hamman-Bannister and Omni’s Easy Jet

Remove pole from a drum is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be used during the Ease of Handling or Speed trials at any level.

As outlined in the United States Working Equitation Rules published in December 2016, “This obstacle must be used in conjunction with Placing a Pole in a Drum (#7). The Skewering Ring with a Pole (#6) obstacle is not required but may be included in the sequence. When used in sequence with Remove/Placing Pole, they are considered and scored as a single obstacle. If other obstacles are encountered between them, they are scored separately (e.g., if the Remove Pole and Skewer a Ring obstacles are performed in sequence and another obstacle is performed before Placing Pole in Drum is encountered, then Remove Pole and Skewer a Ring are considered a single obstacle, and Placing a Pole in a Drum is considered a separate obstacle).”

An open-topped drum or barrel with a 8-11 foot long pole set upright inside. The tip of the pole should be clearly marked with a taper or with distinct color.

To complete the obstacle, the horse and rider approach the open-topped drum in the working gait required for their level. While passing by the drum, the rider removes the pole from the drum without an interruption of forward movement.

If the rider drops the pole during the course of this obstacle:

  • At the Children and Introductory levels, a grounds crew person may retrieve the dropped pole and hand it (butt end down) to the rider.
  • At the Novice levels, a rider may dismount and retrieve the pole or continue on the course without retrieving the pole, but receive zero points for the obstacle.
  • At all other levels, the rider must dismount, retrieve the pole, remount with the pole in hand, and continue on the course. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Last updated January 14, 2017