Side-Stepping Over a Log

Working Equitation sidestepping over a poleSide stepping over a log or logs is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be included on the Ease of Handling and/or Speed trials. This obstacle is not used at the Introductory level.

Depending on the performance level, this obstacle may be comprised of a single log, or multiple logs in the following formations:

  • Two parallel poles separated by 10 feet (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters levels)
  • Two poles in an “L” shape (Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters levels)
  • Three poles in a “Z” shape (Masters level)

Models of working equitation sidestepping logs obstacles

The poles should be about 3.7 meters (12 feet) in length with a diameter of about 10 cm (4 inches), supported 5‐10 cm (2‐4 inches) above the ground. If the poles are rattled or knocked by a horse during a competition, a ground person should check to reset the poles as needed before the next competitor attempts the obstacle.

Complete details about this obstacle can be found in the WE United Working Equitation Rules.

To complete this obstacle, the horse and rider transition to walk. The rider then moves the horse laterally to position the horse’s front hooves on one side of the pole and the hind hooves on the other. The combination then moves sideways for the length of the pole, keeping the front hooves on one side of the poll and the hind hooves on the other.

When entry/exit makers are used with this obstacle, the competitors must pass through them with the red flag on their right side.

When side-stepping over a log or logs is included on a Speed trial course, the horse and rider must move as quickly as possible laterally over the pole. If the horse knocks the pole and it is displaced, a penalty of 5 seconds will be added to the combination’s final time. ) In addition, if any of the horse’s legs steps across the pole while negotiating the obstacle the pair will get 5 seconds added to their time (each leg stepping incorrectly over the pole earns a penalty).

Working Equitation sidepassing over a log

Last updated March 12, 2016