Skewering a Ring with a Pole

Horse and ride skewering a ring off a Working Equitation bullSkewering a Ring with a Pole is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be included on an Ease of Handling and/or Speed course. In order to obtain the pole used to skewer the ring, this obstacle is always paired with first removing the pole from a drum. This obstacle is a crowd favorite!

Often, the ring is affixed atop the cutout of a bull as a test of the horse’s confidence and to honor the tradition of working cattle off of horseback.

It is not required that the ring be attached to the top of a wooden bull, but it is commonly done that way.

Here’s a video from Beomor Farm describing one method for building a wooden bull:

Posted by Working Equitation Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

During the Speed trial, horses and riders may approach the ring at any speed and may even halt if desired.

There is no penalty to riders for failing to skewer the ring during the Speed trial. However, if the rider successfully skewers the ring, they will receive a bonus of 10 seconds subtracted from their final time. In competitive classes,this bonus may be the difference between winning the Speed trial or finishing farther down in the placings.


* Last updated September 14, 2017