Double Slalom

Double Slalom is a Working Equitation obstacle that may be included during the Ease of Handling and/or Speed trials. This obstacle may be used at all levels of competition in the USA.

An odd number of vertical posts or something similar to posts placed in two staggered parallel lines, each post 2 meters (6.5 feet) in height spaced 6 meters (20 feet) apart. The posts should not be fixed to the ground; in the event a horse bumps into a post the post should be able to fall over.

At the Children, Introductory, Novice, and Intermediate levels, a minimum of five posts must be used. For Advanced and Masters levels, a minimum of seven posts total must be used.

Entry flags should be used to indicate the correct side in which to enter the obstacle, and exit flags should indicate the correct exit point. Parallel slalom Working Equitation obstacle

Execution – The obstacle is entered at the prescribed gait. The horse will perform half loops or turns of consistent size around the posts in the direction indicated by the flags. Changes of lead/bend are performed halfway between the posts and on the line between the successive posts. The horse’s lead and bend should conform to the direction of the turn.

Complete details about the construction and judging considerations for this obstacle can be found in the United States Working Equitation Rules, here.

Last update 12/31/2018