Switching a Glass from One Pole to Another

Move a cup working equitationSwitching a Glass from One Pole to Another is a Working Equitation obstacle that may used during the Ease of Handling and/or Speed trials.

To complete this obstacle, horses and riders must enter between to upright poles from the designated direction and halt between. Then, the rider lifts a glass from the top of one pole and places it to the top of the other pole. Once the glass has been positioned, the horse and rider exit the obstacle.

To avoid disqualification, the rider must lift the glass using the same hand they have used to maneuver obstacles elsewhere on the course (or, if riding one-handed, their free hand). Inconsistent use of the hands is grounds for disqualification from the trial.

For a complete description of Switching a Glass from One Pole to Another and this obstacle’s requirements, review the U.S. Rules for Working Equitation, here.

Last updated December 15, 2016