Update to Leaderboard Point Calculation Goes Into Effect December 1, 2019

In the interest of being fair to riders from across the regions, the WE United Board of Directors adopted the following criteria for awarding points, to go into effect at the start of the 2020 competition season:

Step 1:

Dressage and EOH trials will be averaged together and awarded points as described in the rules for tracking points for mandatory advancement (see the following criteria).

57.500% thru 59.999% = 1 point

60.000% thru 62.499% = 2 points

62.500% thru 64.999% = 3 points

65.000% thru 67.499% = 4 points

67.500% thru 69.999% = 6 points

70.000% and above = 7 points

Step 2:

For levels where the Speed trial is offered, the top 5 horse/rider pairs (regardless of # of entries) will also earn points for completing the Speed trial without disqualifying (see the following criteria):

1st place – 2.5 points

2nd place – 2 points

3rd place – 1.5 points

4th place – 1 point

5th place – 0.5 points

A disqualification in Dressage and/or EOH will not impact points earned for successfully completing the Speed trial.

Using these criteria, horse/rider pairs will accrue a maximum of 9.5 points per competition.

The intention of this change is to help ensure that members who live in areas of the country where competitions have fewer entries are not at a disadvantage when it comes to National standings. The suggestion for the Board to re-examine the way points are earned on the Leaderboard came from our online membership survey earlier this year, and the Board has been researching and discussing different options for several months now.

The Board wanted to come up with an approach that would be manageable (as we’re completely supported by volunteer labor), equitable to the different regions, and would continue to encourage our members to get out there and participate in licensed WE competitions as often as they can. The Board was unanimous in their approval of this change and hopes that others will see it as an improvement as well.

The original approach (which will continued to be used for the remainder of this competition year) has served the association well for a number of years, but as our membership and show entries have continued to skyrocket in some parts of the country and grow steadily but at a slower pace in others, the Board wanted to be sure that our awards programs remain accessible and encouraging to all our members, regardless of place of residence.

This change will go into effect on December 1, 2019.




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