Way to Represent Region 6: Elizabeth Morosani and Sonrisa TLM!

North Carolina member Elizabeth Morosani and her Half-Andalusian Mare Sonrisa TLM were honored with the top honors for Novice-Level horse/rider pair from Region 6.


Elizabeth has owned Sonrisa TLM since she was born 11 years ago. “I rescued her mom without any knowledge of what Andalusians were like,” Elizabeth explains. “She has grown into a wonderful safe horse that anyone can enjoy, but we share a special bond that really comes out in the show ring.”

The two got involved in Working Equitation to help resolve some challenges they were facing making progress in their dressage. “I was struggling with some 2nd level movements, and my mare needed a break so we started adding obstacles to work around, leading to learning the WE movements.” Elizabeth laughs, “My trainer is a Dog Agility coach so she loved the idea.”

As a licensed Technical Delegate, not only for Working Equitation, but also for Dressage, Elizabeth quickly learned the technical aspects of the sport, and her interest has continued to grow. “There are a set number of obstacles and patterns to learn; once you have those, the rest is just FUN! It’s Dressage with stuff in the way!”

In addition to Working Equitation, Elizabeth and Sonrisa TLM participate in dressage shows and trail rides. “I use her to pony other horses who are nervous on trails so they can learn without hurting anyone,” her owner explains. 

Elizabeth credits Jeanne Bond as a keystone in her involvement in WE, and says she is grateful for the guidance she has received. 


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