WE United Adds Program to Encourage New WE Participants!

WE United is delighted to announce a new program to encourage people new to the sport to join in the fun. The 2018 Team Challenge program provides a special awards category for partners. Here’s how it works:

Two riders form a team.  At least one of the riders has to be new to the sport (never having competed in a licensed WE competition prior to signing up for the program). The other can also be new or can be an experienced WE competitor. Teammates sign up for the program by mailing in the sign-up form and sending the $25 (per team) enrollment fee at least 7 days prior to the first rated show they will be attending.

Enrollment fees will be used to purchase awards for those entered (the more teams that enter, the nicer the awards can be!).

The two then compete at WE United licensed competitions throughout the year. Every competition where they both compete can count for the year-end placings. WE United will track each teammate’s top 3 Dressage and Ease of Handling scores.on our website.

Year-end placings are determined by the highest Dressage/Ease of Handling average. In the case of ties, Dressage scores will beak the tie.



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