WooHoo — Big News! (Merger Approved)

It has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears (actually no blood and maybe just a few tears) but the decision to merge the Confederation for Working Equitation and WE United is a fait accompli!  Last night, the full boards of both the Confederation for Working Equitation and WE United voted unanimously to merge the two organizations into one governing body for WE in the U.S. There will be a new name, a new logo, and a new slate of officers and directors to lead the way.

While COVID has had a very negative impact on the lives of so many of us, it has also provided us with an opportunity. It has given us the time and impetus needed to work on bringing the two national working equitation organizations together. During the last several months, over 30 members of both organizations have participated on various teams; from governance to licensed officials and ethics to education, they pooled their knowledge and ideas to create a stronger and unified national organization.

None of this could have happened without you, our members. Your ideas, your feedback and your concerns, but most importantly, your support, were all essential to the process. You shared ideas and provided insight that proved valuable to the decision-making process and helped us determine the best path forward as the two organizations worked toward a merger.

Now that the boards have agreed on the approach to each element of the organization, the work to develop the tools (forms, documents, manuals, etc.) that are necessary for the organization to function can begin. This all has to be accomplished by our official rollout date of November 1, so there is plenty still to do. In the meantime, WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation will still be functioning in their usual capacities until the changeover is finalized.

You play a critical role in the final process of the merger – the nomination and election of officers and directors. Within a week or so the nomination process will get underway, with elections planned for early October. So watch for that, and give some thought as to what role you could play to help the organization be successful. Self-nominations are welcome, as well as nominations of others. We hope to hear from you. All individual adult members (of either organization) living in the United States will be eligible to run for election and cast their ballot to elect the new officers and directors. If you are not currently an individual member but would like to participate in the election, please be sure to join one of the two groups in the next few weeks.

Again, THANK YOU, to each and every one of you who made this goal a reality. It’s been a long time coming, but we believe the end result was worth waiting for.

The Merge Management Team,

Leslie Martien Trisha Reed

Jeanne Bond Julie Alonzo



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